Agricultural emissions ‘reality check’

MayåÊ18, 2016

may 18

A new report says that global agricultural emissions must be slashed to prevent the planet warming by more than 2C over the next century.

The current focus is on reducing emissions from transport and energy.

But an international team of scientists argues that if farm-related emissions aren’t tackled then the Paris climate targets will be breached.

An estimated one-third of our greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture.

The report by researchers from the universities of Vermont and Sheffield and the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change examines non-CO2 emissions, such as methane and nitrous oxide.

Cattle produce methane as part of their digestion and emit it mostly through belching. The addition of natural or synthetic fertilisers to soils releases large amounts of nitrous oxide.

The researchers have calculated for the first time that these emissions must be reduced by one gigatonne per year in 2030.

They estimate that the mitigation plans currently in place would only cut emissions by 21-40%.

Source: BBC

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