PBEA Leadership

PBEA Philly Workshop: Biogas, Food Waste Recycling, CHP and Wastewater Treatment @ Philadelphia Water Department's Northeast Water Pollution Control Plant


  • Paul Lewandowski, AFS Energy Systems – Chair
  • Patrick Serfass, PBEA Staff – Executive Director
  • John Costlow, Sustainable Energy Fund – Vice Chair
  • Paul Kohl, Philadelphia Water Department – Treasurer
  • Tom Wilson, Wilson Engineering Services – Secretary

Board of Directors

Paul Lewandowski

AFS Energy Systems Chair

Patrick Serfass

Staff Executive Director

John Costlow

Sustainable Energy Fund Vice Chair

Paul Kohl

Philadelphia Water Dept. Treasurer

Tom Wilson

Wilson Energy Systems Secretary

Mike Palko

Biomass Renewable Energy, LLC

Dan Rider

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Geoffrey Bristow

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Mike Jacobson

Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences


Patrick Serfass

Executive Director

Caroline Pete

Project Assistant

Cordelia Pearson

Finance Manager

Vera Medici

Event Coordinator

Bill Riesenberg

Chief Finance Officer